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Just Released: Obama The Racehorse:

Celebrate Barack Obama's Presidential Election Victory: Visit our Music Page to download or play a free mp3 of "Obama The Racehorse" by Michael J, or See the Music Video on YouTube, or Visit our Video Page to download or play a Windows Media Video.

Recent Release: "Dog Day Serenade" A new Album/CD by Michael J "The Mad Stork" Harding. Go to our Music page to hear and download the songs.

  • Visit our Music Page to hear and download sample or full, watermarked tracks from the CD Albums "Dog Day Serenade" or "Deus Ex Machina" by Michael J.

  • Play and download a free (non-watermarked) mp3 of Jesus for Hypocrites by Michael J Harding: a "must-have" to play for your dogmatic, self-righteous, hypocritical, Jesus-free friends and adversaries.

  • Must See: Gung Ho Bravos, a music video by Michael J Harding about George Bush and the Iraq War as told from a soldier's point of view. A Must See. Free

  • Read an online version of The Word of Jesus (excerpted) by Michael J Harding just published in a Pocket Booklet Edition by Madstork Press and available for purchase from this website.

  • See our latest Topical News-Related Video on the Video page.

  • Take a break and Read a classic or contemporary poem from the Madstork Poetry Page.

  • Find Words of Wisdom and inspiration on our Quotes Page.

  • Play a one-minute music video featuring the many moods of Professor Ichabod Shoebilly, the patriarchal stork and mentor of Madstork MVP, set to the music of the Madstork MVP theme song: Carnival Drag Rag from the album "Deus Ex Machina" (2000) by Michael J.

  • Visit the Madstork Blog and read the latest poignant, no-holes-barred political and social opinion of Michael J "Mad Stork" Harding. Wear your seat belt.

  • And much more. Please take a browse around.

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