The Beatitudes


Blessed are the poor and downtrodden:

for they will see heaven


Blessed are they who know tears and sorrow:

for they will surely find comfort.


Blessed are the kind and gentle:

for they will inherit the earth.


Blessed are they who hunger and thirst for justice:

for they will find it.


Blessed are the merciful:

for they will be shown mercy.


Blessed are the pure of heart:

for they will see God.


Blessed are they who are hungry now:

for they will be filled.


Blessed are the solitary and thoughtful:

for they came from our Father and unto Him they will return.


Blessed are they who strive for peace:

for they will be known as the sons and daughters of God.


Blessed are they who are persecuted in the name of righteousness:

for they will dwell with our Father.


Blessed are they who are despised and tormented for what they are

and suffer all manner of false charges against them in God's name:

for they will be joyful and glad when great is their reward in heaven.


Blessed are they who have suffered

and still found life


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