The Word of Jesus

The Unified, Topical Word of Jesus of Nazareth Transcribed into Vernacular, American English

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About The Word

A New Testament

The Parables

The Proverbs

A New Testament:

The Beatitudes                                         

A Prayer to Our Father                             

The Light of the World                               

The Salt of the Earth                          

Love Your Enemies                                 



Public Piety                                        

Know Them by their Fruits            

Personal Wealth                                    

Divided Loyalty                                   



Seek and You Will Find                                

Hearing and Doing                         

The Woes                                          


Self Deception                                               

The Two Great Commandments                    

The Way of God                                        

Like Little Children                                 

The Son of Humanity                               

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All Rights Reserved

Hello Jesus - Goodbye Christ

No Paul, No Peter, No John, No Justin, No Polycarp, No Irenaeus, No Tertullian, No Eusebius, No Augustine, No Aquinas, No Ignatius: Just Jesus - Pure Jesus    

You Will Be Somewhat Amazed.

The Parables:

 The Sower and His Seed                          

The Wheat and the Weeds            

The Mustard Seed                           

The Leaven                                       

The Hidden Treasure                                

The Pearl                                           

The Banquet                                      

The Lost Sheep                                     

The Prodigal Son                             

The Laborers in the Vineyard                     

The Unmerciful Broker                                   

The Rich Young Man                            

The Tenant Farmers                                 

The Great Supper                        


The Proverbs:

 General Topics                                    





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If you find yourself in the company of dogmatic, self-righteous, hypocritical, Jesus-Free, so-called Christians who claim to be Pro Life, but freely sanction capital punishment; arrogant, self-willed wars; and bombing women, children and the elderly while they sleep in their beds; and who preach of "family values" and the "sanctity of marriage" while cavorting with secret lovers, prostitutes; or mining for gay lovers, be sure to have your "Little Blue Pocket Jesus" (The Word of Jesus: pocket booklet edition) with you; plus download a FREE MP3 of "Jesus for Hypocrites" (Excerpted from "The Word of Jesus") by Michael J Harding and load it into your favorite portable MP3 player so you can play it for them when they start spouting off.

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