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Celebrate Barack Obama's Presidential Election Victory: Download or play a free mp3 of "Obama The Racehorse" by Michael J. or Watch or download the Windows Media Music Video.


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New CD Release: Dog Day Serenade: A ragtime, honky-tonk, comtemporary, roots, folk, Americana album by Michael J "The Mad Stork" Harding now available at major outlets and stores.  For more info and samples from the album, visit the Dog Day Serenade page.

For a 6-minute, fly-by montage of Dog Day Serenade click here.

The 2000 CD release: Deus Ex Machina: a classical and contemporary, instrumental album (loved by infants and children, as well as adults) by Michael J is also available at major outlets and stores.  For more info and samples from the album, visit the Deus Ex Machina page.

For a 4-minute, fly-by montage of Deus Ex Machina click here.

Downloadable mp3s from "Dog Day Serenade" and "Deus Ex Machina" are available at iTunes, Napster, emusic, Snowcap and other online digital download stores.

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Play or download (Free of charge) the soundtrack of the Madstork Music Video, Bush Words 2000, (Promises made by George Bush in the year 2000 with a background track of a parody version of the Bee Gees song, "Words" sung by Michael J) Files are in MP3 format. See below for download instructions. Files will play on most audio applications such as Winamp

Play or download (Free of charge) The musical narration, Jesus for Hypocrites by Michael J, based on excerpts the the book The Word of Jesus, also by Michael J. This is the perfect piece to play for anyone who calls Jesus "Master" or "Lord" but does not do what he says.

Download Instructions: Right-click on desired hyperlink (File Name) and choose "save as/save target as/download link file" A small window will appear with the file name (xxxx.mp3) in the "file name"  box. If "Desktop" does not already appear in "Save in" box, click the little down-arrow and highlight "Desktop". Now click the save button on right. When the file is done downloading, Right-click it on the desktop and choose "cut"; then double-click on your music folder to open it; with your cursor inside the new window, right-click and choose "paste". The video will now be in your music folder. Double-click on it to play it.


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