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New: Obama The Racehorse - Obama Song of Victory in Presdential Sweepstakes

320x240, 18.7 MB Windows Media Video (6Min:34Sec)

Gung Ho Bravos is an eleven-minute music video in two parts about George Bush and the Iraq war as seen through a soldier's eyes. Part One, "Marching as to War - Prologue to Gung Ho Bravos" features the musical narrative, "Jesus for Hypocrites" by Michael J Harding and deals with the buildup to the war. Part Two, "Gung Ho Bravos - (Main)" deals with the war and it's impact on the soldiers and innocent victims. Part Two features the song "Gung Ho Bravos", also by Michael J, based on the poem "Gentlemen-Rankers" by Rudyard Kipling.

Marching as to War - Prologue to Gung Ho Bravos - 320x240, 8.2 MB Windows Media Video (4 min)

Gung Ho Bravos (Main) - 320x240, 14.8 MB Windows Media Video (7 min)

Gung Ho Bravos Complete Video - 320x240, 22.8 MB Windows Media Video (11 min)

Note: For information on how to obtain a full DVD-Quality, 720x540 DVD, Mpeg2, or Windows Media file of "Gung Ho Bravos", please email and put the words "DVD Quality" in the subject line.

Bush Words 2000 is a four-minute music video centered around promises made by George Bush in the 2000 presidential campaign and early in his first administration (1999-2001). Did he keep his word? You Listen. You decide. The song is a parody version of the 1960s Bee Gees hit, "Words" performed by Michael J Harding.

Bush Words 2000 - 320x240, 16.7 MB Windows Media Video

MP3 version of Bush Words 2000 also available.

Bushit is a two-minute video centered around George Bush's audience-specific views on foreign policy and how to fight evil in this world. Are his views duplicitous or confused, or is it just us?

Bushit - 320x240, 4.0 MB Windows Media Video


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